A woman sues an ice cream company after a miscarriage

We don’t take enough time to thank the various employees in the food industry. Rigorous health inspections that restaurants and food manufacturers go through are basically everything that stands between customers and many diseases. Every now and then a large food distributor will recall its contaminated products. Even so, if the workforce in a particular restaurant or food distributor were really sloppy, such incidents would be much more frequent. However, any time a recall or contamination occurs, it is almost enough to discourage you from completely eating out.

A woman from Billerica, Massachusetts, suffered a terrible tragedy while on vacation in Florida. During her journey, a woman who claims she was 11 weeks pregnant at the time ate contaminated ice cream made from Big Olaf. It was later discovered that the ice cream was linked to a listeria outbreak that eventually led to the woman’s miscarriage.

Billerika’s mother sues the ice cream company after she said the miscarriage was caused by a listeria epidemic related to their products. The woman said she was 11 weeks pregnant when she was eating Big Olaf ice cream in Florida. She fell ill two weeks later and found out about her miscarriage. Since then, Department of Health officials have linked ice cream to the listeria epidemic. The woman is asking for more than $ 30,000 in damages.

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