Anne Heche suffered severe burns after car drove into her home in Los Angeles, reports say

Anne Heche was severely burned when her car crashed into a home in Los Angeles.

The vehicle, which officials say is Heche registered, crashed into a two-story house in the Mar Vista neighborhood and was hit in a “severe fire,” the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

Officials did not officially call Heche the driver, but TMZ reports that she was behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper. They also posted a photo of her on the vehicle.

The LAFD says 59 firefighters were on site to contain the fire, and found that one person who was seriously injured was rescued and taken to hospital.

Law enforcement officials said Los Angeles Times that 53-year-old Heche suffered severe burns and was “judged to be influenced and acted inconsistently.”

According TMZWitnesses first saw Heche’s car enter the garage of an apartment building in the neighborhood before the car pulled into a house in the west of the city.

A video from news stations in Los Angeles showed the driver of a car being loaded into an ambulance covered with a white sheet.

LAFD says it had 59 firefighters on the scene to contain the fire and they stated that one person, who was critically injured, was rescued and taken to the hospital

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LAFD says 59 firefighters were on site to contain fire and found one person seriously injured was rescued and taken to hospital


Heche appeared in Donnie Brasco, Six days seven nights and Come back to paradise.

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