Big Brother spoilers: HoH’s plan is based on veto

Big Brother spoilers: HoH's plan is based on veto

Monte Taylor and Michael Bruner. Photo courtesy of CBS.

John Powell –

The boys are on the block. HoH Michael nominated the Festie Besties team consisting of Terrance, Monte and Joseph.

Michael outlined his reasoning and choices earlier that day when he met with some one-on-one house guests.

Terrance told Michael that he did not support one group in charge of the game. Terrance was unaware that he was talking to a member of The Leftovers alliance.

“I don’t care who wins. I just want it to be fair. I don’t want this to be a refugee situation, I wouldn’t like it. I’ve always watched this show and wondered … Why isn’t anyone taking these pictures and going crazy? What have you got to lose? Take this picture, he said.

The dead man driving Daniel also spoke to Michael, declaring his loyalty if he was spared this week.

“I’m here to do whatever dirty work you have to do. This is where I am, ”he promised.

Alyssie Michael revealed his entire plan.

“I feel sorry for Daniel. He has lost himself, but his emotional responses are not conducive to anyone’s game. We never know where his head is. We all voted for him. I don’t think he wants to work with any of us, ”Alyssa said.

Michael has confirmed to her that Daniel is his target and will likely nominate Joseph, Monte and Terrance in case Daniel is selected to compete in a veto contest, as the number in the house is dwindling, there is a good chance he could be elected.

Daniel and Terrance had a mind meeting after the ceremony. Terrance agreed that the appointments had to remain the same so that they could take a look at Monte and get him out of the house sooner rather than later.

“I pray you will be elected and won,” said Terrance.

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