Giants Training Camp, 5/5: Good job for the Giants at Fan Fest, more to go

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The New York Giants had a fight-filled training session at Fan Fest Friday night at MetLife Stadium. The bottom bowl of the stadium was quite well taken for the team’s second Fan Fest in many years.

“I have a lot of good work,” said head coach Brian Daboll. “Lots of good things, I tried to put the guys in many different situations… we tried to make it as in the game as we could.

“I thought both sides were competing well.”

Injury Notes: Rookie Marcus McKethan injured

  • Rookie guard Marcus McKethan was taken from the pitch during a fight with a visible injury to his right leg. McKethan was named in Round 5. Daboll had no information on the extent of McKethan’s injury. Several teammates stopped by the car before driving off to wish McKethan.
  • Cornerback Adoree ‘Jackson left the pitch at the end of the nearly 20 ride. Daboll said Jackson “just tightened up a little” with a contraction.
  • Wide receiver David Sills worked on the side Friday with newly acquired defensive defender Nate Meadors.

Burned up for Fan Fest

Safety Giants Xavier McKinney was asked Friday afternoon if he was looking forward to training for Fan Fest.

“Of course, it will be our first time as a group at the stadium. It will be fun. I know the energy is going to rise, we’re excited and we’re ready at a glance for how we’re going to play and we know what we’re going to do, ”McKinney said. “So it’s gonna be fun and we can’t wait.”

After the event, here’s what Daboll said about the atmosphere:

“It was good to get fans together. Great support. It was a bit of a different energy, a bit more tired … we thought that was exactly what we needed in terms of the pace of the practice, the amount of play we had. “

Quote of the day

– Saquon Barkley on if he feels the need to help Daniel Jones after being hurt so badly in the last few years

Playmaker statistics

They’re completely unofficial, but here are the stats I have for quarterback Friday night. A few of those plays may have been canceled out by penalty kicks, but I include every kick I make.

  • Daniel Jones: 15 of 26
  • Tyrod Taylor: 8 of 13
  • Davis Webb: 7 of 15

Jones had an uneven first session, winning 5 out of 12 and throwing two balls that could have been intercepted. Adoree Jackson rejected a pass to Kadarius Toney, and Tae Crowder took advantage of the interception of a shot intended for Saquon Barkley.

Daboll said he generally thought the decision making by all three playmakers was “pretty good”.

Concerning Jones in particular, Daboll said, “I thought it was working fine.”

Conditioning needed

The first Giants teams were on the pitch hand in hand, 34 games in total. Daboll said the long rides were arranged on purpose.

“A bit hot. A bit humid. What we needed, ”said Daboll. “I thought it was a competitive practice. I thought the guys were a little more optimistic. It’s natural – fans here, music goes. I think there is definitely a lot to be improved. We are going in the right direction, but we are far away.

“We have to improve our fitness level. That’s why we did these two long rides – everyone could feel where they were, individually, but collectively that will be the focus this week. ”

As mentioned earlier, Jackson left before one of these drives ended up with what Daboll said there were cramps.

Live fight

The giants had a live fighting period with the attack and defense of the third team on the pitch. Daboll said it was to help these players prepare for Thursday’s pre-season opening against the New England Patriots, as they are likely to play most of the snaps.

“They’ll probably be playing a lot in preseason,” said Daboll. “I didn’t want this to be the first live contact.”

Offensive thoughts about the line

Daboll said he thought the offensive line was “driving … they go together.”

“You will get the truest offense line evaluation test in live reps where you can bring the playmaker, you can bring the runner back,” said Daboll. “But I think the guys communicate well, they work together, still a long way to go, but I think they are going in the right direction.”

Kayvon Thibodeaux makes an impact

Overall pick 5 hasn’t made a ton of wobbly moves at the training camp so far, but it’s fairly easy to see that it’s hard to master for the offensive liners. How is that? Thibodeaux has had many penalties for keeping in training camp so far. On Friday evening, he drew one of the debuting right-winger Evan Neal.

“It’s hard to block,” said Daboll. “He’s done a good job in those last few exercises. He has many passing movements. He’s a rookie again … a good young player, he has a lot to work on. Hope to draw more of them.

Movements in the composition

The giants added an offensive attack from Will Holden on Friday and dropped the linebacker Niko Lalos. They also relinquished Jarren Williams’ defense of injured reserves. Holden, with only a few hours to digest his game plan, was doing reps on the third team on Friday night.

Quick hits

  • Placekicker Graham Gano scored 30 yards from the field.
  • Unused security free agent Yusuf Corker intercepted Davis Webb’s pass, catching UDFA defender Darren Evans deflecting in the end zone and bouncing the ball from around 60 yards.
  • Doss dropped a Webb pass that would be a touchdown. Doss also caught a deep Webb ball.
  • Wan’Dale Robinson caught Jones’s third pass over the center and turned it into a gain of about 32 yards.
  • Andre Miller, who had no chance of advancing to a tight goal, Andre Miller, tied up on the side, caught Jones’ pass on a touchdown when it was fourth and one.
  • Collin Johnson caught about 45 yards on Tyrod Taylor’s deep ball but was canceled by a hold penalty.
  • Leonard Williams was a strength while working in the first team, spending a lot of time on the pitch.
  • At one point, Garrett McGhin shot at Webb. The backup center remains a question mark.

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