Kyle Gibson flirts without any strokes as Raging Phillies improve to 10 games over 0.500

Most evenings, history would be a barrage of five home runs.

But not on this one.

Rhys Hoskins, Nick Castellanos and Darick Hall went deep in the first round with JT Realmuto and Kyle Schwarber joining the Power Party later.

But Kyle Gibson stole the show Friday night.

“It was fun to catch him,” said Realmuto. “It was the sharpest I’ve seen his stuff all season.”

Gibson flirted unscathed leading the Phillies to a 7-2 win against the Washington Nationals low at Citizens Bank Park.

The 34-year-old right-handed threw perfect baseball for six rounds. He lost the fight for the perfect match when he struck Victor Robles on the pitch to get out of seventh place. He then gave Luis Garcia’s base strike to lose the chance of missing a hit.

The night was still special for Gibson. He equalized the peak of the season with eight innings and dropped out of just two hits and a run. He came out one, hit four, and hit two beaters when he was late in the game tired.

Outstanding performance was of additional importance to Gibson. He missed his previous start to attend the funeral of his grandmother, Von Gibson, who died at home in Indiana last week at the age of 84.

“She was a really special woman, very proud of all her grandchildren,” said Gibson.

The jug added that he was inspired by his grandmother’s memory while throwing.

“Without a doubt,” he said.

Gibson’s Gem and Phillies’ dramatic show of power helped make this night a final reminder that the Phillies may have something special. From June 1, they are 37-19 years old. (Since then, the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers are the only major tournament teams to do better.)

The Friday night victory was the ninth Phillies in their last 11 games and placed them in the top 10 games of the season with a score of over 0.500 at 58-48.

The Phils were 22-29 when Rob Thomson took over Joe Girardi as manager on June 3. Thomson’s first task was to meet the team and tell the players to just focus on getting to 0.500. Once they got there, they would focus on getting to five games above 0.500, and when they got there, they would focus on getting to 10 games above 0.500.

Now they are there.

And Thomson becomes a candidate for the National League Manager of the Year.

As temporary captain.

The Phillies have won 16 of the last 18 against the Nationals in July 2021. Including eight wins in 10 games this season. The Phils still have nine more to play against Nats this season and cleaning up against them would help the Phils a lot in the playoffs. They haven’t been there in 10 years.

“We are playing better long-distance baseball this season,” said Realmuto. “We feel our best baseball is still ahead of us.”

Gibson received a ton of support in the early game when the Phils smashed three players from the first round against Washington’s starter Josiah Gray. Hoskins and Hall both fired single shots, with a respawning Castellanos following Realmuto’s three hits with a two-way shot, his second in three games. Realmuto defeated Homer from two runs in the third round, and Schwarber took his 34th place in the NL league in their seventh inning.

In addition to running support, Gibson received stellar defense from third base Alec Bohm who kept his offer alive without a hit by doing a dive game and throwing through a diamond to finish sixth.

After this game, it’s time to check out a few non-hit facts about Phillies just in case. Phils have had 13 non-hits in franchise history. Cole Hamels had his last one on July 25, 2015, his last start for the club.

Gibson admitted that he began to think about throwing without hitting in the fourth round.

“I don’t know why guys don’t think about it,” he said. “When you made it through the first time in a row and didn’t let the starting player in to the fourth inning, I think about it.”

Ultimately, Gibson didn’t join the club without hits, but he certainly had a night to remember. After striking Garcia in seventh place, he was given a standing ovation by 22,024 crowd.

“It was fun,” he said. “I appreciated the cheering on the seventh, when I quit hitting. It’s always fun to have that energy and the fans are so closed.

Crashing into an extremely humid night, Gibson tired at eight o’clock hit the second cake and let the second blow and sacrifice fly. He struck Robles to complete the round and triumphantly struck the gauntlet as he descended the mound.

Brad Hand let it run in ninth place, ending the win.

Ranger Suarez and Patrick Corbin will play in the left-handed battle on Saturday night.

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