Selena Gomez proclaims kindness after an interview with Hailey Beiber

Selena Gomez took a moment to preach about the kindness and the meaning of words on the heels of Hailey Bieber’s viral podcast interview. “It’s incredibly ironic that I’ll release something that has nice words because that’s what I want,” said Gomez on TikTok Live on Thursday, some of which were captured and posted on … Read more

The ex-fiancé of the producer “Try Guys” drinks champagne after a scandal with fraud

“Is Thayer trying to live alone.” Former fiancée of Try Guys producer Alexandria Herring had already moved for a few days before he allegedly exposed her for cheating on one of the show’s co-founders, Ned Fulmer. Will Thayer (right) relies on his friends after he exposed his ex-fiancé for cheating.stevencuzzo Instagram / stevencuzz On Sunday, … Read more

Hailey Bieber claims she “stole” Justin from Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber says there is a “truth” behind how she and her husband, Justin Bieber, came to be – and that is not the case with Selena Gomez. The model appears on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week and addresses claims that she “stole” the song “Peaches” from the “Only Murders in a Building” … Read more