Russia annexes more of Ukraine on Friday in the Kremlin

Kyiv, Ukraine – Russia planned to annex much of Ukraine on Friday as part of an escalation of the seven-month war to isolate the Kremlin further, impose more international penalties on it, and provide Ukraine with additional military, political and economic support. The annexation – and planned gala concerts and rallies in Moscow and the … Read more

The US announces an increase in military aid to Ukraine by $ 1.1 billion

WASHINGTON (AP) – The United States will provide Ukraine with $ 1.1 billion in additional aid by financing some 18 more advanced missile systems and other anti-drone weapons that Russia is using against Ukrainian troops, the Biden administration said Wednesday. The latest package is implemented under the Security Assistance Initiative of Ukraine, which finances contracts … Read more

Russia ready to annex occupied Ukraine after a false vote

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – Russia was due to formally annex part of Ukraine on Wednesday where a Kremlin-organized “referendum” was held in the occupied territories – condemned by Kyiv and the West as illegal and rigged – on life under Moscow’s rule. Armed troops went door-to-door with election officials to collect ballots within five voting … Read more

Russia is preparing to annex occupied Ukraine despite indignation

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – Russia was ready to formally annex part of Ukraine on Wednesday after concluding that voters in areas where it is under military control have overwhelmingly supported life under Moscow’s rule. Armed soldiers went door-to-door to collect ballots during five days of voting in Kremlin-organized referendums asking if the occupied areas should … Read more

The British pound drops to a new low as tax cuts are of concern

LONDON – The British Pound fell to a record low against the US dollar in the early hours of Monday after Treasury Chief Kwasi Kwarteng promised a broad package of tax cuts, fueling fears over the government’s economic policy as the UK weighed towards a recession. The pound fell to just $ 1.0373, the lowest … Read more

The Bank of England says it is monitoring the pound’s decline

LONDON (AP) – The Bank of England says it is monitoring the pound’s decline and would not hesitate to raise interest rates to keep inflation under control. The central bank reiterated on Monday its intention to “fully assess” the government’s tax and spending plans at the next meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee. It is … Read more

Lights off, ovens off: Europe is preparing for a winter energy crisis

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – As Europe approaches winter in times of energy crisisin offices it gets cooler. Statues and historic buildings darken. Bakers who can’t afford to heat ovens talk about abandonment, while fruit and vegetable growers face greenhouses idle. In poorer Eastern Europe, people source their firewood, while in richer Germany, waiting for an … Read more

The founder of Pink Floyd cancels concerts in Poland after war remarks

Warsaw Poland — Pink Floyd’s co-founder Roger Waters has canceled scheduled concerts in Poland due to outrage over his stance on Russia’s war with Ukraine, Polish media reported on Saturday. An official from Tauron Arena in Krakow, where Waters was scheduled to play two concerts in April, said they would no longer be held. “Manager … Read more

Italians vote in elections that could bring the extreme right to power

ROME (AP) – Italians voted on Sunday in an election that could sharply shift the country’s politics to the right at a critical time for Europe, when the war in Ukraine was fueling sky-high energy bills and testing the West’s determination to unite against Russian aggression. The polls opened at 7am (0500GMT). The counting of … Read more

China towards Taiwan: “outside interference” will not be tolerated

UNITED NATIONS – China highlighted its commitment to claims against Taiwan on Saturday, telling assembled world leaders that anyone who stood in the way of their determination to unite with a self-governing island will be “crushed by the wheels of history.” The language was strong, but it was normal for the Chinese leadership. “Only when … Read more