Putin hosts the Kremlin’s annexation ceremony of part of Ukraine

Russia’s annexation of four regions condemned worldwide The movement is a “dangerous escalation” that threatens peace – the head of the United Nations Zelensky from Ukraine says the war must end Putin Zelenksiy calls an emergency meeting on security and defense Sep. 30 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin was scheduled to host a Kremlin … Read more

Russia started annexing the territory of Ukraine; The West warns against new sanctions

Russia speaks of overwhelming support for annexation The Russian parliament may consider annexation on Tuesday Ukraine rejects referenda as illegal The West is preparing new sanctions for referenda ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine, Sept. 29 (Reuters) – Russia was ready to annex half of Ukraine in days, releasing what it called the voting results, showing overwhelming support in … Read more

Russia ready to annex occupied Ukraine after a false vote

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – Russia was due to formally annex part of Ukraine on Wednesday where a Kremlin-organized “referendum” was held in the occupied territories – condemned by Kyiv and the West as illegal and rigged – on life under Moscow’s rule. Armed troops went door-to-door with election officials to collect ballots within five voting … Read more

Meta says it is removing the Chinese propaganda operation against the US

September 27 (Reuters) – Meta Platforms (META.O) announced on Tuesday that it disrupted China’s first known operation to influence users in the United States with political content ahead of the November elections. The network maintained fake accounts on the Meta Facebook and Instagram social media platforms, as well as competing Twitter, but it was small … Read more

Cubans approve of same-sex marriage with a big lead in the referendum

Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register HAVANA, Sept. 26 (Reuters) – Cubans approve overwhelming majority of gay marriage and adoption in Sunday’s government-backed referendum, which also increased women’s rights, the national electoral commission said on Monday. More than 3.9 million voters voted in favor of the code’s ratification (66.9%), while 1.95 … Read more

Italy’s election winners seek rare political stability

Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register A right-wing block focused on a clear majority in both houses Meloni would be the first female prime minister in the country The League leader says the government will be stable The government will not be sworn in for several weeks Record low attendance casts … Read more

Meloni suggested that he would become prime minister during the Italians vote

Sign up now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register Italians expect to choose a right-wing alliance Meloni would be the first female prime minister in the country Early vote after the fall of Draghi’s government ROME, September 25 (Reuters) – Italians voted on Sunday in an election designed to restore the country’s most right-wing … Read more

Italians vote in elections that could bring the extreme right to power

ROME (AP) – Italians voted on Sunday in an election that could sharply shift the country’s politics to the right at a critical time for Europe, when the war in Ukraine was fueling sky-high energy bills and testing the West’s determination to unite against Russian aggression. The polls opened at 7am (0500GMT). The counting of … Read more