The relentless craze of COVID shows that it was never about science

The pandemic is basically over, right?

For some, yes. For others, not so much.

It was only in June that unvaccinated Canadians were finally allowed to leave the country for reasons unclear to no one. The vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission, so what was the point of keeping the unvaccinated behind a frozen curtain? It did not happen.

But this is Canada. He totally lost the COVID plot and threw all his former freedom-loving ideals out the nearest window, huh? America wouldn’t be like that, would it?

Except for us.

Tennis player Novak Djokovic was unable to travel to America to attend the US Open in August because he is not vaccinated. No foreigner can enter the United States without being fully vaccinated. Unless, of course, they cross our border. That’s right. If you are visiting, stay away from infected COVID. If you’re trying to stay here forever, bring that COVID right away.

If you are looking for consistency in the COVID-19 policy, you can stop right now. None of this ever made sense. The torn trust between Americans and our institutions will be immeasurable. And the damage continues.

New York City kids don’t need the COVID vaccine to go to school, but do you need it to play sports at school. Think about it. These kids can go to school, eat lunch with their friends, go on school trips, and play gymnastics, but they can’t play after-school league.

Many children rely on sports to pay for higher education. Think of all the kids who don’t exercise after school anymore because they can’t play sports.

If we do this for the “health” of the children, we are doing it all wrong. The poor will suffer most from these no-anywhere-nowhere principles. Of course, professional athletes playing in the city do not have such a mandate.

The New York City Department of Education fired another 850 teachers and classroom assistants for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
The New York City Department of Education fired another 850 teachers and classroom assistants for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
Grzegorz P. Mango

It’s not just a sport. A few days ago, the New York City Department of Education dismissed another 850 teachers and classroom assistants, totaling about 1,950 Department of Energy employees laid off since the immunization mandate in October 2021. It was a terrible thing to do, even then, but a year later, we have an avalanche of information about how COVID is spreading and what vaccines can’t do, making the decision not only stupid but cruel.

As Susan Edelman of The Post reported a few days ago: “In total, New York has laid off over 2,600 unvaccinated municipal workers.” This is when we learn that New York and many other places are in the midst of a teacher shortage. These teachers research opportunities in remote locations such as Long Island. Make sense of it.

Parents are also not allowed to enter school buildings in New York City unless they are vaccinated. This includes parents of children with special needs who need to interact with teachers. These nonsensical rules do permanent damage.

If you are vaccinated and you think, “These people should just get vaccinated,” you don’t understand. I am also vaccinated. But there is no reason why my Johnson & Johnson photo of March 2021 should give me any privileges not granted to others. Studies show that the effectiveness of the vaccine wears off after a few months, and that transmission can occur at any time.

Forced submission for fun should not be a health policy.

And no, boosters don’t mean you’re safer. In fact, the Biden administration does not call the latest shot a “booster” at all. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre called it “the new vaccine.” You can find yourself back with the “unvaccinated” faster than you think.

But don’t take my word for it. During the pandemic, the line of politicians extorting their will on us was: “We must listen to the CDC!” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose advice we ignored, eating sushi (big no-no) and medium cooked burgers (seriously, are you trying to die at this picnic?) Suddenly spoke the word of God.

Well, the CDC recommends that you “do not differentiate anymore based on a person’s immunization status as breakthrough infections are emerging.” And yet somehow we no longer “follow science”?

It drives you crazy. And it’s easy to forget about people left behind. But we will feel the consequences of their lack. A policeman who no longer walks the streets, a firefighter who survived a pandemic but is now out of work, teachers have disappeared from your child’s class because they would not have done what they were told. We will also see the repercussions of taking things away from the young, because they will not obey.

We won absolutely nothing with these vaccine mandates – but we are going to lose so much.

Politicians have done so many backward, terrible things in the name of safety during COVID. Continuous immunization orders are a reminder that for many the pandemic is over, but the damage continues.

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