Tre Walker retreats from commanders

Hours after Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera announced that linebacker Tre Walker had suddenly decided to retire on Friday, the rookie changed his mind and was reinstated, according to someone familiar with the situation.

Walker, a player from the University of Idaho who was not pulled out, missed Friday’s training due to a short retirement. The decision came as a surprise and a blow to the team’s linebacking team, which was now lean after losing to an ACL injury to their teammate under-exposed Drew White.

“He said it was something he thought about and there were a few things he wanted to come back to,” Rivera said about Walker on Friday morning. “So he decided it was time to move on. … He’s a guy with whom we had some hopes but unfortunately just decided it was time to move on. We wish him all the best. “

But later that day, Walker decided otherwise and spoke to Rivera about his return, according to an informed person of the case who spoke anonymously to discuss the situation freely. Friday’s NFL Transaction Report put him on the reserve / retired commanders list. But the team retains its rights until the end of its contract so that it can be reinstated.

Walker’s return was arguably a welcome event, given Washington’s depth of the linebacker. Rivera said Friday morning that the team would likely have to consider adding another defender to the hall in the absence of Walker. Behind starting center-back Cole Holcomb, the team has former first-round candidate Jamin Davis, veteran David Mayo and young substitutes at Khaleke Hudson, Bryce Notree, De’Jon Harris, Milo Eifler.

But thanks to Walker, who was due to train Saturday night at FedEx Field with the rest of the team, the defense of commanders is regaining another promising player.

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